Why would an ex girlfriend do this now?

Why would my ex girlfriend of 7 months just now decide to block me and my sister on Facebook? My ex girlfriend has had a new boyfriend for 4 months now. Her and I have been texting everyday for the last several weeks and now she does this. So confused. Please help?


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  • ... My ex girlfriend has had a new boyfriend for 4 months now...
    And along with her newbie, this is also a New Move that she is doing because with you both 'Texting everyday...' It's quite crystal clear to me here, Dear... She doesn't want to let you on her Facebook anymore nor your sibling, just keeping it to Text on her own end instead.
    There is more in store Now, quite possibly, that she feels is none of your business so now with 'Block me and my sister on Facebook,' it looks like with the current cutie, there is more than meets the eye that she doesn't want you To.. Spy.
    Good luck. xx

    • Do I still text her or wait for her to text me? I thought before her and this guy were on the rocks but obviously not. What do you mean, "there is more than meets the eye?" I'm not fb friends with her. So I can't spy.

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    • If she has unblocked you, then there should be a way in her message box.. at any rate, I feel that if she really wanted to go back with you, she would and now some of thee family like sis has this sour ball... I think you should see if she replies you wrote last and she rudely didn't answer and even with the lovely flowers, it doesn't seem fair to leave you hanging... sounds like she isn't serious here. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.:)) xxoo

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  • maybe the new boyfriend find out about it and he himself do it

    • Possibly, but she is very guarded about her phone.

  • I've done this b/c every time I posted something, in the back of my head I knew my ex would see it and I'd wonder how it would come across or if he would think I was somehow posting that particular thing with him in mind - which I was not doing! It got so that I wouldn't post on fb anymore. I didn't like not saying what I really wanted or trying to read into something that someone might take as a double meaning. Too much work! So, I reclaimed my space for self expression and defriended him all together. I've also defriended b/c I spent too much time checking out his stuff - so I cut myself off at the source. Maybe this helps?

    • I take it that is how you eventually got over him? Her and I haven't been friends on FB since we broke up, but she did just put a pic of him and her as her profile pic, which I was never one. I feel like she is doing this to make me jealous somehow, but who knows. Only she does. What is your take on all the texting between her and I. It has mostly been her texting me and starting the conversation? Your response did help me out. Thank you!

  • Maybe her boyfriend don't like something


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