Girls, what does this even mean?

So, it's been about a month since "the breakup". At first I was taking hard, now I'm just like eh about it. In the last day or so I had a lot of flashbacks of the relationship and last night I can remember what seemed like multiple dreams and she was the focal point in them... little help on what you think is going on in my head lol


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  • For all human kind has discovered about the world, scientists have yet to explain the nature of many bodily functions that, due to their normalcy, we take for granted. Why do we cry, why do we laugh, why do we get goosebumps when we're cold? Why do we die when we do not sleep? And why do we dream?

    The most common theory is that, through REM sleep, our brains enter a state of repair in order to "digest" and sort through our day; the product of said digestion is the regurgitation of subconscious manifestations know as dreams.

    The emphasis is on "subconscious" - that the subconscious mind comes alive when your conscious brain is asleep. There is tons of literature and sites on dream analysis and interpretation, if you're interested.

    I'm in the same boat as you, though much farther up the bend. It's been 9 years and he's still pops up in my dreams. The last time this happened a few months ago, I even told him, "You've GOT to be kidding me! Whaaaaat the hell are you STILL doing here?" lol! Seriously, enough is enough! Too bad my "subconscious self" never matured past my teens? Hopefully it's not that long for you. :D

    • hahahaha no its been a month but i do fear that shell creep in there even while im seeing other people lol
      which makes things complicated and awkward hahaha. thanks for the insight and making me aware that it can last for so long lol

    • Bahah! Glad to be the one to assure you that it can always be worse! So as long as you're not a sleep talker, you should be fine. ;)

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  • you're probably just thining about her. thats not that uncommon. maybe you miss her. or maybe now that you're moving on, your brain is just making it hard for you.
    been there. its no fun... but you just gotta keep moving forward.

  • Hmmm.. It seems like your head might still be stuck to your heart? If you're doing okay in forgetting the girl, you should be fine. But memories do last and its up to you to get rid of them if you want. Maybe it was that you still love this girl somehow, or maybe your mind is still in the process of forgetting. People in your life who were (or are) important to you can have significant impacts on you (dreams, flashbacks, etc). If your emotions are pretty stable, I'd say you're fine, but if there's something else tugging at you, then you may want to question why its there.

  • You are thinking way too much about her.
    Just calm down


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