Why is my ex boyfriend doing this? (college relationship)

BASICALLY, he broke up with me because he was confused and needed space. He still talked to me after the break up, and he told me never to forget how much he still cares about me. He said that we just needed some time apart etc...

We talked and saw each other everyday after the break up, and everything was fine. He would even cry sometimes and try to hide it. THEN my phone broke for a week (which he knew about). I saw him the day I got my new phone, and he saw me using it. So he knew I could talk again, but he hasn't talked to me since. It has been a week since I got my new phone.

Now, when I see him he acts angry, and he avoids eye contact. He looks extremely uncomfortable. I don't understand where this is coming from. He was completely normal before! Why is he acting this way?


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  • He seems to be really emotionally confused.

    Maybe he got mad because you didn't ask for his number again, or that you haven't messaged him


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