Did you guys have no contact?

if you have ever not wanted your ex back after he begged for you back and the reason was cause he made a mistake or was hurting you in some way(not abusive or cheating), and then eventually wanted him back what made you realize that and how long did it take you, did you guys have no contact ,


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  • Why do you want your ex back if you broke up with her? How long ago has it been since you guys broke up?

  • It took about four years, we spoke maybe thrice in that time, and it took a bad relationship with someone else to make me go back. We broke up for good after that, though.

    • How did you initiate that you wanted him back and why did you break uo for good?

    • I didn't initiate it. It started off as one of those sappy, obnoxiously persistent love-at-first-sight things, so my feeling for him hadn't changed from the moment we first got together to the moment we got back together years later. He knew that, though, so he wasn't shy about pursuing me.

      Abridged version of break up #2: I remembered why we broke up in the first place. He was too romantic, unrealistically, and left at the first sign of having to stand up for anything or put any work in.

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