My ex broke up with me making excuses. Is this person finished with me?

My ex broke up with me making excuses to get out of the relationship and we broke up through Facebook text I didn't even get a phone call at least. Well as time went by I decided to let it go and make peace with him. The breakup really didn't end well. When I tried to make peace he told me ok thank you I have no hard feelings butiI would rather not talk to you and want to be left alone. I was kind of confused asked him what did I do to make him him feel that way and he responded and said it's cool I just want to put it behind me we broke up don't fix anything I just want to be left alone and then he blocked me. Was this a good way to handle the situation? I kind of feel hated. But maybe they don't hate me who knows


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  • ... We broke up through Facebook...
    He has known Inside and even Out that he didn't want to be in a Real Relationship anymore. However, instead of just telling you like some Honest John, he makes lame duck excuses and you both end up calling it Through... Facebook text.
    I find him rude and crude and his boyish behavior so typical of many tom, es of today. Sporadic and unpredictable and grow cold duck feet and then... Wander aimlessly back into the murky dirty waters they came from.
    Even now, trying to 'Make peace with him,' Trying desperately to get to the bottom of things, he pushes you aside like an old rag doll and his verbal abuse is still uncalled for.
    You yourself Did 'Handle the situation' like areal lady here, dear. He is full of Hate, resentment and is just this wet washcloth and if I were you, I would Delete him from Any media sites you May have with him and make sure you are both blocked from Facebook forever. If ever given a chance with No Romance... Tell him to go to hell.
    Take his word for it when he says 'Don't fix Anything.'... He has already done enough.
    Good luck. xx

    • He claims that he has no resentment but i think he lied

    • Bottom line is he is a loser with excuses for Not wanting to be in a Real Relationship with you and found excuses to cut the ties and did it Poorly and Cowardly... On Facebook. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand. Lick your war wounds and move on. You deserve better than this loser.:)) xxoo

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  • The issue isn't really him blocking you or pushing you away. The REAL issue is your neediness that convinced you that you needed to stay "friends" after a messy Facebook breakup.

    From my point of view you should have been angry to discover you were dating someone so weak that they would break up with you over Facebook, and therefore you should have zero interest in keeping that kinda guy as a friend... no matter how fun they were when you were dating.

    Don't feel hated... feel relieved that you dodged a bullet with this guy. Pull yourself together and enjoy being awesome and single! Because you deserve it. :D

    ~ Robby

  • He wasn't even a little bit reasonable about this situation. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it, it's up to him to accept you or not, even as just a friend.

  • I'm sure you probably are hated who doesn't hate their ex. Mine can eat shit and die slow for all I care.

  • Either he has someone new who is pushing this, or he has some other really "major" thing going on, or - he actually decided that the 2 of you Really did Not need to be together, and realized that a complete and total separation between the 2 of you would make it easier for the both of you to move on. If he breaks up with you, and then chats with you on facebook or whatever , every other day - you are going to keep lingering in the "maybe it's not really over" world, and worry yourself sick over it. I would say that you should do your best to move on. Best wishes to you.

    • As far as him having someone new I don't know my friends say that they hear people talk about how my ex gets around they see him with a girl then another day with another girl I remember I asked him why onvery and his response was he just doesn't. I asked him was he involved with someone and he told me That's not for me to know so I left it alone

    • If he is blocking you, and telling you "that's not for you to know", then he is playing you. I apologize for saying it that way but it is my most honest opinion. You need to walk away, and when you do, also tell yourself "I deserve better". Again - best to you.

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  • you're not hated.

    • I felt hated he told me he rather not talk to me. Right in the middle of me talking I get blocked

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