We were seeing eachother for 7 months I caught him in a lie he flew off the handle and broke it off, what do I do?

We were seeing each other for 7 months and he would always tell me he wanted to be with me but he was super busy because he had two jobs and was building his house. But recently we got in a fight and got back together a week later but I caught him in a lie and confronted him about it and he completely flew off the handle and ended it saying " I'm out I'm done you're better off without me I don't want drama with anyone I'm done" I didn't answer him and he deleted my number, he deleted me from fb, and snapchat and hasn't tried to talk to me at all. I guess what I'm saying is does he hate me now because he deleted me like I was never anything to him or will he try to contact me later on if I continue the NC rule


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  • Well what lie was it? Did you make a big deal about it when it was something small?


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