So my ex is kinda acting strange and I don't know what to think of it? Do you think he may be wanting to get back together?

So the first time we hung out was the night before his trip, even though he was clearly busy he didn't tell me no and made time for me. We did things that we did when we were in a relationship together. He asked me to do things for him that I did back then too. He told me that he missed me and thought about contacting me for awhile but didn't know how I felt about it. He asked me for his opinion and how I liked things in his apartment. At the end of the night he thanked me for going over and told me that he had a good time. The day he was going to come back he asked to see me again (wanting to see me as soon as he got in. He told me that he missed me that's why he had to see me (I had to ask but...). The night didn't go as planned so I told him how I felt and he reassured me, comforted me, apologized 3 times, and agreed that he owes me (even though I was kidding, he wasn't). He held me the whole time and didn't let me go. Later he said "we have to go" and kissed me. Then later that day he reminded me about something that is really important to me and said that he reminded me because "we kinda left so soon".
We sporadically look into each others eyes also.

Do you think he wants me back or what can it be? He never acted like this before so I find his behavior strange and I just want to know what to think about it?

Guy's please help?
What should I think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • His actions seem to imply that he does want you back. And it sounds as though you want him back as well. Why not give it a try and see how it goes? What's holding you back from it? The signs are all there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • Nothing really I just might be holding back a little in fear of him hurting me or not wanting me back or something.

      I just wish he would text me more because then it would be more believable.

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    • I don't know enough about him to say that. Every guy is different on that sort of thing.

    • True

Most Helpful Girl

  • maybe he missed you when you were apart? it can happen x

    • Nothing else?

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    • So you don't believe work is an good excuse?

    • how long does it take to send a text?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like he wants you back

    • Really? What makes you say that?

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    • Is there a reason why?

    • Its the question you asked. 'If he was interested wouldn't he be texting more?' If he doesn't text you for a week that would indicate he's not really interested.

What Girls Said 1

  • he wants you back.

    • But you would think that if he does he would be texting me more to talk and stuff, right?

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