When is someone off limits? What do I do?

There is this guy that I kind of like. We've dated before but we went our separate ways. The only thing that was a problem was that he lived in a different town and we eventually went our own ways. We did like each other but the long distance wasn't good. Well its been about 3 years and he lives in the same town as I do. I've been thinking about him a lot.

My mom knows his mom pretty well and my mom really liked him and wished he and I would have become more. My mom keeps saying stuff about talking to his mom about maybe hooking him and I up again and normally I'd say yes. But I heard that he has a girlfriend. I'm the type of person that I don't want to start anything because I don't want to go after someone else's man so to speak. But I've also been told that until there is a ring on the persons finger they are fair game. I've also been told that you never know how serious someone is with someone else or if they still like you until you at least take the risk.

So do I go ahead and have my mom ask his mom or not. or is he off limits?


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  • Too many mothers involved. Nothing good can come of it.


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  • Generally speaking, a guy will normally consider himself 'off limits' to other girls if he is in a stable relationship with a girl. Or rather, the girlfriend will make sure the guy stays off limits to other girls. It may not hurt to tell him personally how you truly feel, because you are right that you will never know unless you take a risk. Just avoid an affair with him at all costs, even if their relationship isn't secured by a marriage yet.

    • Okay thanks. No I'd never let myself be sucked into an affair. I just didn't know if I should still let him know how I feel or just leave it alone. Not that I was going to throw myself at him. I just didn't know if it was okay to just let him know how I felt. thanks for your answer.

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