Why is my ex doing this, and does he still love me?

My ex boyfriend is cting really strange after a long relationship of 1 year approx he broke up with me. Then after a few weeks of leavign me he says he wants to try again, we try again then he leaves yet again. Then a few weeks later he call me up and tells me he still loves me, and he was going to ask me to marry him in a few years. But our lives are too different and other complications. He then calls me again the next day and says being with me isn't worth it. Then he tells me he's getting jealous of the attention other guys recieve from me. Then he calls me up and we have a long convo like the good ones we used to have where we talked past midnight he then hangs up, and then next morning messages me saying he loves me and even though he doesn't act like it he does. then the next week he continues talking to me thorugh social media, and then he tells me im the most perfect person es ever met and im "Fucking beautiful" wheather im aware or not. then the next week he tells me stuff like "we're both stubborn thats why we're the perfect couple" and one time i was talking about kids and he said something like "you should have mine or you are having mine". WTH is his prob, its driving me crazy? Then one night i was too busy to talk to him because i was with a friend (opp. Sex), so i told him i gotta go (Anon) is coming, and he replied sneeringly "Who you're boyfriend?" and i got frustrated and sighed in anger, and he said whatever. Please what is this?
He also told me "Im you're true love, know why? because nobody will ever love you as much as i do."
He told me he loves the way i make him feel like he's not just another person in the world, and then he told me that when he met me, i helped him get through a lot when nobody else could, and im his best friend but if im his best friend why is he still jealous and territorial? He tells me he misses me, and he wants me to stay in his life as a friend and if he lost me he wouldn't know what hed do?


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  • I'm just going to keep this simple. This guy is psychological messed up. You need to detach him from your life immediately. Move on and never talk to him again. This guy will ruin your life for as long as you let him. Be strong enough to leave him for good.


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  • He sounds controlling. Just tell him to fuck off, please. Messing with your head constantly. Just. get. rid. Nobody will ever love you as much as i do? Yeah right. Is messing a woman around constantly regarded as love? Sounds to me like you ARE beautiful and can get anyone you like. Ditch him. Block him, don't respond to texts or calls and stop fucking going out with him when he asks. Tell him he's messed you around constantly and that you're ending it completely. Power to you. He won't like it but he's taking the piss. One minute he wants you, the next he doesn't? I've got no time for that. Please, just tell him to go fuck himself.


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  • Sounds like some mild bipolar.


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