Guys, Why do this or not do this?

Would you or wouldn't you want to keep in touch with a ex? And text her everyday or every other day? Why would you? Or wouldn't you?
And if you said yes, is it that you still maybe have feelings for your ex? Why or why not?


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  • I probably wouldn't. That kinda goes against the definition of "ex".

    • How so? And what would it be then? Thanks for answering by the way. :)

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    • Everybody's different. What works for one fails for another. If you're both ok with it, then there's no problem. It is indeed possible he misses you, and it sounds like you miss him. Has he given any indication he wants you back when he texts you? Do you still see each other socially?

    • Thag is very true with what you said that everybody is different. He has a bit as we still text one another a lot and when I asked what his weekend plans were and he said he has his kids all weekend and that they were going to the circus and tomorrow he's working in the morning and than added that he said maybe my city. With a smile (we were texting back and forth) and I said something stupid and said my city? Why? What do you plan to do hear? And if you do let me
      know? Than I felt dumb afterward and sent another text when I was getting for bed saying I was teasing in my first text and that it would be nice to see him and to let me know if he plans to come to my city. I still feel dumb thou and I told him to text me tomorrow to let me know. Does it sound like he plans to come see me this weekend? Despite my stupid reaction?

  • With my most current ex, I want to keep in touch as much as possible. I do this because I do want her back. Then she responds for a week or two and then goes silent again.
    I do still have feelings for her. It just took me after the break up to see everything but I think the door has shut on me for a while. She has a new boyfriend.
    Best of luck


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