What does my ex mean by saying this?

My ex girlfriend and I started hanging out again.. She said she doesn't know what she wants right now, and I've been honest about the fact that I would like to see if we can work things out.. Our break up wasn't bad though we had been fighting a lot before she decided to dump me.. So the other day we were hanging out and we started talking about working things out. She said she's thought a lot about it and said on one side she wants to be back with me and on the other she doesn't... I really do want her back but I've been playing it cool besides that I told her that's what I want.. I just wanna know what she meant when she said she wants to be with me but doesn't so I know where to go from this point?


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  • You need to break contact with this girl immediately.

    You are being set up for heart break all over again.

    A person who can't commit to one thing or another, are people who are more than likely going to run the minute another option presents itself.

    Most girls that make the particular statement you are referencing are girls who simply don't want to be alone.

    Once their mind clears, and they see someone they want to be with, they will be off to the races, with no explanation, leaving you in "relationship purgatory."

    Good luck!


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