Sighhhh help me , lol he insane siiighhhhhhhh?

my ex and i broke up a month ago and just this Sunday he went in his bro profile and messaged me asking if im okay.. Today he asked me to message him on watsapp.. so i unblocked him n we strted tlking as frens.. his display picture was a pic of him graduating n then he changed it to his girl in his lap.. sigh it hurts.. do u think he trying to tell me he wants me back and want to get me jealous.. please someone , anyone give me opinions or snmn... i love him.. bt it seems as if he want me to get jealous?
why would he tho? is it tht he ain't over me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • doesn't matter what he is trying to do, y'all broke up for a reason, if it was a good reason then stay that way and stop talking to him. and check your fingers or your keyboard, holy fuck :P


What Girls Said 1

  • i think he wants to make you jealous


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