I can't move on.

I was in a relationship with a guy who didn't seem to love me. It started out great him doing the little things showing me he loves me then one day it all stopped. The long conversations the little things he used to do all stopped! And I guess I started to question him and complain asking him why he does that and threatening to leave him and every time I did he would say he's going to change and that's the only time he ever open up and told me he cares. One day he would love me the next he wouldn't even notice I'm there. He didn't want people to even know about us and yet when he moved to uni 3 months later he was showing of some girl on Face book but with me he didn't want that. For months I kept trying to fix it and I guess if someone keeps complaining the other is bound to leave and I just wanted to feel special everyday and feel like the best part of him and I never got that's it became a bad habit me threatening to dump him so I could hear him say he loves me and see him fight for me I literally couldn't stop acting like that. Everyone kept telling me he doesn't love me I should leave him. But I didn't I defended him and loved him and still do with all my heart and because of it I didn't have the strength to walk away from him I was prepared to be with him even if I wasn't always happy then he went university and stopped fighting for me. Stopped bothering and so I blocked him on msn Face book cause I figured that's what he wanted and he didn't seem bothered by it either. A few weeks later I realized life is horrible without him there and tried to get him back and he told me no its over! This was 3 months ago and here I am still in love with him and don't know what to do.

I apologized for my actions and told him my feeling but he didn't care. 3 months later and I haven't gotten over him I've tried other guys but non are making me happy and I don't know what to do I'm in so much pain and none knows it. Someone please help me!


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  • Darling I feel your pain and your not alone. I promise... It is so so hard to be where you are right now and I know it doesn't feel like it but IT WILL GET BETTER!

    people moving to uni and preparing for that go through a lot of changes and its a really difficult time. He's not handled himself well at all, but my first girlfriend did almost the exact same thing adn I later found out she slept with most of her uni in the first year (we were together 9 months, 3 of which while she started uni away from home). I was so so upset I actually thought about ending it all in all honesty. But I obviously didn't and have have countless brilliant days since.

    i'm not telling you you'll get over this quickly, but I am saying with 100% certainty and experience that you will move on one day. one day you'll wake up and feel a little less sad than the last and so on and so on.

    The world is full of wonder and brilliance and this lad wasn't the one. but there is one out there and he's looking for you. You will probably kiss a fair few frogs before you find your prince, but you will find him and you will be happy.

    very best of luck and never forget your not alone. All decent caring people know exactly where you are and we know how much this hurts. X

    • Thank you so much for your advice bt I don't know. Its been three months since the break up. Everytime I feel like I'm getting back on my feet and moving on someone mentions him and I go back into that depressed mode, I donno if il ever get over him or maybe I ruined the last chance at love that I hhad.

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  • Unfortunately there's nothing you can really do. All you can do is tell yourself that if it's meant to be, he'll be back eventually. Luckily, since he moved away, you don't have to ever see him and that will help you to get over him. I know that right now it feels like you're always going to be hurting but that's just not true. Go out with your friends, take up a new hobby, pour yourself into writing or drawing or dancing or whatever you like to do. Get passionate about something besides your ex. You'll see that life goes on without him.

    • Thank you but its been three months and I still feell lost and alone

    • I know... no one ever said it would be easy. They say it can take up to six months and sometimes even more to get over someone. Really, just hang in there!!!

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