Why would an ex contact you and say "Hi,?

The last time I talked to my ex boyfriend I was telling him "If you wanna be friends thats fine but friends dont send friends nudes... so stop"
He said " Maybe, I ll think about it
I said "Good luck with that" and deleted him off snapchat
*This was 3 months ago"

So now its July 7 the day we got together (last year) and he texts me "Hey" "How you been"?


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  • He was thinking about you and might want to reconnect. Or he just wants to see how you react. Some people reach out to their ex just to see if they'd have a certain reaction. From that reaction they might be able to judge if you 1) still like them 2) are up for something casual 3) are up for something serious or 4) have moved on. If you don't want to keep in touch with him then don't answer his texts.


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  • he's not over you.


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