Your fiance has been hauled into the air by a Pteranodon in the direction of the Mosasaur tank. You have a shotgun. Would you take the shot?

The fate of Zara Young in "Jurassic World," From TVTropes:

* NoKillLikeOverkill: She goes through HELL on her way to the afterlife. She's yanked high into the air, thrown around and fought over by a pair of Pteranodons, dropped from a tremendous height into the Mosasaur exhibit, attacked and dunked repeatedly by a Pteranodon only for the Mosasaur to snap them both up. What makes it worse? She's probably not dead right away either, meaning she would linger on in the mouth of the Mosasaur, which has a second row of teeth inside it's jaw which would rip her to shreds on the way down. If she manage to remain in the mouth without being swallowed, then water would flood into its mouth and drown her anyway. Adding insult to injury, she was getting married soon. Not anymore...

Armed with a shotgun, considering spread, if you managed to hit the pteranodon you would hit your fiance as well. Consider what would happen if they were dropped. Would you take the shot? Or hope they were dropped elsewhere?


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  • i would take it.


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  • how many feet above da ground she'd be? depends


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