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So I just broke up with my girlfriend again. She's a woman who I love deeply. But she makes me feel like crap. She'll spend a lot of time with friends but somehow doesn't have time for me. When I ask for anything she either says no or f*** you, even if it's something like small that most people do for each other daylily... Everytime I try to talk to her about something serious she says something hurtful or mean and makes me feel bad about myself. I love her, and I have good reason to love her. But I know it's a bad relationship. I've tried to end it before. But I just couldn't. Maybe with support I can finally end it.


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  • Get out. This is a one sided relationship; she seems to have no true feelings or emotional attachment for you - the way you do for her. Break it off now, and break it off hard. Leave no option of this relationship "reoccurring" a year from now, so that both of you can get on with your lives and you can find someone else who feels the same way about you that you do for her.


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  • She' like this because of the way you are maybe you give in too easy to everything maybe your not very experienced with women either way something has to change. Toughen up let her chase you be busy a few times basically just be her for one week and see if she likes it.
    the end result is this isn't going to last realise it now and act if you end it she may have a long hard think about how she treated you and ask to try again if not she wasn't that bothered but either way your in control you changed your life not her.


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