Is it possible to still be friends with your ex even if he broke up with you?

Can you mend things? We dated for 2 years. It's been a month without contact.


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  • yeah it's possible.I dated my ex for over a year,we're still close friends. He's protective as hell over me still but we both accept that we will have our own possible or current boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with other people,instead of us being a couple anymore.I even give him advice on other girls haha.

    You both just have to reach an understanding that you both will see other people and be okay with that.Talk to him and see if he's still willing to save your friendship.

    Just be sure your ready not to act when get jealous or mad when he starts dating other girls.

    • How would I initiate being friends? I feel like we have had a major break, and a little disconnected at the moment. I mean what if he doesn' t want to hear from me? Should I wait a little longer or how can I approach the situation?

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    • Well, technically he broke up with me. I mean does that lessen my chances of a friendship at all?

    • No it doesn't lessen your chances, the ex I was telling you about broke up with me.It's up to you and him if you want to make a friendship work.

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  • It depends on the reason for the break-up and how it ended.

    Looks like you still want to have a relationship with him and he has not contacted you. It probably means he is feeling bitter about something, or is hurt or angry or finds the relationship burdensome. If the reason for the break up was that you wanted more and he was not ready, it is possible to become friends.

    Also, if there was a strong emotional and physical bond, it is difficult to become just friends.

    However, if there is anger, bitterness or hurt, it is impossible to become friends, unless sufficient time is allowed to pass and all is forgotten and forgiven.

    • Umm. I mean yes, there was a strong emotional and physical bond, and it was him who lost feelings for me. I think he just doesn't want anything to do with me, right now. He wants me out of mind out of sight. Do you think he just doesn't want to talk to me, because he feels bad about what he did to me. I mean if I could walk in his shoes. I think he is just mad because we dated for 2 years, and marriage didn't come out of it. I want him, and he knows that. I think he just feels bad,

    • When he thinks about me.

    • We just put so much effort into the relationship, just to see it fall apart, and for him to realize he didn't want to be with me. I guess he is mad at himself, and he doesn't want to want me back. So he deleted his Facebook, so he wouldn't have to look at me. I would like it if we could eventually one day be friends again.

  • Yes,you can be friends even after break-up.

    Also you can be good friends after break-up since not having any burden of relations making.

    Time heals pains and you can again recreate it.


    • What would be the best way to do that?

    • Now you have broke-up so you should not have to be hesitate while meeting each other.

      There is everything clear.

      Now it doesn't matter who starts.

      Just meet like that there had been nothing between you and him.

What Girls Said 2

  • No. Not if emotions are not completely gone.

    Who dropped who? If she dropped you, most girls don't want to be friends after, unless they say it and if you think she meants it.

    One month, not enough time. Unless you are completely over it. If not, she will see right through you that your friendship isn't ginuwine.

    To have an ex as a friend, even tho it's over can interfer with future relationships. She might not want to date you, but do you want to date her is the real question her new lover will be asking. Then you have to go through with the fact that she might have to turn her back on you (again) in order to make this new relationship last. Are you ready for that? Will your "relationship" ever truly end if she is still around?

    Lastly, what are the things that don't work as a lover that work in a friend? That's like saying, "I don't wanna be with a thief, I am unable to love a thief, but I'll have one as a friend". It doesn't make sense to me. But everyone is different. Find out where your emotions are so if you can move forward without looking back then yes, you can be friends. But within time.

    • Well, firstly I'm a girl, and I want to still be friends with my ex bf. So I guess I need to wait more than a month to try and attempt to be friends with this guy?

    • Sorry.

  • I don't think you can until they're completely out of your system. My ex broke it off with me and came out with the line I'd like to be friends still. Now I want to be friends with him more than anything right now, but I know I'll always want something more from it because I'm still in love with him which spells disaster.

    Don't initate any contact or try making friends again until you know you aren't going to get upset, jealous or in any way hurt by anything he says or does, because right now you're just setting yourself up for more misery.

    Give it more time, you're still hurting from the break up and if you're anything like me, you're wanting to grasp at any opportunity to save things. Don't. Sit still and ride this out for now.


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