Cutting ties with ex again?

I was with my first love for 3 1/2 years. however he continuously cheated on me and the last time we called it quits he was cheating on me behind my back and denied us being ever together. I took it beyond hard every day. I would cry for like 6 months straight. I would see him post things about the girl he was with and he did everything he never did for me. Long story short eventually I got over it. It's been exactly 1 year and my ex has decided to come back with no contact at all for 1year. I honestly look way better than when I was with him. He let himself go and is trying to win me back and honestly I feel bad for him because I don't find him attractive. I keep trying to remember all the bad stuff he did to me.. But I feel guilty like I HAVE TO take him back or give him MY time. I barely started dating this guy, but I've been single ever since, and I feel like I have to give my time to my ex and not this new guy.. What should I do? Do I have to feel sad for my ex who went on with his life and barely a year later trying to come back? He said he knew he did to much damage and couldn't come back. But told me he was trying to replace me and realized it never worked. I was the missing part. This is my first time trying to start with someone new too by the way.


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  • Do your best to read what you wrote as if someone else had posted it. Ask the OP questions like: Why would you owe him anything? Why is he coming back now? Should it even matter why he's coming back now? How would the guy you are currently dating feel knowing that you are entertaining anything a guy like that has to say?

    Those are just to get you started. You can probly come up with a few more. The answer should be pretty obvious though.

    I'll simply say that if you feel you deserve an unattractive, cheating guy that you pity and only comes back to you when he couldn't find someone else then go for it :)


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  • ... Long story short eventually I got over it...
    Why open up another can of smelly worms with this loser who Did... All the bad stuff he did to me?
    You have moved on, you became stronger because of all the heartaches and headaches he caused in your life of strife, why dig up a bone again that has been buried way in the ground For... Exactly one year?
    Don't Give him the Time of day. He is making you seem like you have to ride his sorry caboose because he wants you to believe you still owe him a living and a 'Living' in which he Did... To Hell and back.
    Focus on you and don't look back. Don't feel guilty and concentrate on the newbie, he was the one who hasn't been this cheat sheet and has not caused you any 'Damage.' This dirty dog has done enough to you and I feel he is Back... Once more in his tracks to start barking up your tree again.
    I smell a Rat... Let sleeping dogs lie and put yourself on a short leash.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Chuck ur ex
    He is not worth it.
    The more u live in the past u will ignore the future and more importantly the present


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