Is it easy for the male dumpers to move on?

I was dumped hard by my ex. He blocked me 2 months back when I asked for closure. I am moving on but this thought always bother me that is it really easy for him to move on?
If he moved on so easily from our 2 years of relationship than it means he never loved me. We both were each others first love.


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  • It depends.

    I think after a while if a relationship turns sour, a huge amount of men just become so apathetic to whatever their girlfriend is saying to them that they're probably glad to get that solitude again and then move on at their own pace.

    In the words of Patrice O'Neal: "Men don't want to be alone, but we want to be by ourselves."


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  • Men don't move on.
    They run away from the problem till they themselves don't have the feeling to deal with it.
    Urs is 2yrs mine was 5yrs
    But I am giving it time to settle down. the more u run behind it for a closure the more these type of men get the attention and run even further


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  • It all depends on how much he love you i guess. Im in that same situation wondering if our years relationship meant nothing to her im the one that got tired of her bs but i miss her but she already forgot me

  • In my personal experience, women move on a lot faster than guys do.

    My ex when I first met her was with a guy for 5 years, dumped him and was with a new guy within 2 weeks, eventually was with me for almost 3, dumped me, new guy 4 days later.

  • Yea well if he dumped you like that, He probably moved on way ago lol

  • well it depends how u guys broke up and It's not easy to for him to move on

    • He cheated on me and when I found out he said sorry and all... but after 2 days he dumped me when I contacted the girl he cheated on me with.

    • I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through this :(

      People usually cheat because they are looking to fill some need or desire they aren't able to get in the relationship and that usually doesn't happen overnight. My guess is that you guys were having issues waaaayyyyyy before this. He shouldn't have cheated on you but it can't be undone.

      Also be careful of what you mean by "closure". You probly are already aware of the issues you guys were facing but for whatever reasons, they were never reconciled. The best you can ever do is be honest about how you contributed to the breakdown because the only person you can change is you. Don't make the mistake I did once and try to love someone enough for them to change.

      by the way a relationship can be doomed before it even starts simply by being incompatible from the get-go. Most people get into relationships never having any clue as to what they want, deserve and/or expect in a partner.

  • Usualy yeah it is easier fo male/female/transgender dumper to move on , they r more prepared, at least

    • LOL! My thoughts exactly

    • Not really cause i dumped my girlfriend because I got tired of her selling me dreams, lies and just saying words and not showing any actions. She took our breakup way better than me, didn't fight no effort to try to keep me hell she didn't even reply to my last text. Girls are ruthless now

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  • yeah.. because they dont have true feelings..

    • the thing is that when a guy reveal his true feelings the game ends so...

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    • he didn't love u thats why u have to be careful choosing assholes @Asker

    • Hm..
      I guess you are right. :-\

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