How to make an ex boyfriend regret everything he does to me?

I don't want to get my ex boyfriend back or anything. Yesterday him and I are not friends anymore he hurts me so much after the break up also he is using me and he doesn't know that he keep lying everytime I ask him so I was wondering how can I make him regret it for doing those stuff to me?


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  • 1. You can't make someone else feel something. You can't make them do something. Realizing this is a part of maturing in your relationships.

    2. If he is your ex-, why do you care how he feels? What difference does it make? As long as you care about how he feels, you are involved with him and you are surrendering part of your life to him. Is that what you want to do with an ex?

    3. If he is your ex, why are you still having contact with him?

    You need to be brutally honest with yourself about what your true motivations are in this "ex"-relationship.


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  • Move on, hun. It's never worth it. The best revenge is to be happy...


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  • Regret is dangerous. Getting back at someone hurts yourself more than the other person. It sounds easy to do, but if you learn to de as L with it on your own, that's the best long term "payback," you'll be happier with yourself and won't take it out on future relationships

  • How about, cutting him completely out of your life?

    Delete all methods of contact with him, stop thinking about him and wasting your life on him.

    He's not worth it.


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