Question about Iphone App?

I'm prety curious about this... An ex just updated a shared list that we were both on and we have not communicated in 2 months... I left prety abruptly.

I don't know how the app really works but wouldn't she know that I'm still on it? Is some bullshit about doctor appointments... Not somthing she would usually post on a shared list (we are the only two on it...)

So what do you think guys and girls?


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  • What is the app?

    • Its like a To-do-list you can share with family or housemates... or boyfriend girlfriend.

      I already kind of confronted her about it and she made up some dumb story about aciddentally sending her list to me...

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    • Oh yeah... She still loves me... but can't be with me then a whole bunch of other bullshit.. just a giant can of worms. lol

    • Isn't it always like that?
      Thanks for MH too😊

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  • she might know.

    • She does... (shes smart) I just am not sure if i should tell her to take me off... Or what to do really. I could be a smartass and add something repugnant to the list lol

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