Been acting like a little girl since my breakup how do I snap out of this?

Was my first real relationship first real love and she left it's been 5 months and I was doing good for a minute but my depression just hit me today. I'm acting like an emotional little teenage girl. Extremely depressed sometimes. It's harder because I don't have a lot of friends just a lot of aquintances.
Just signed myself up in an mma gym. Just started school again. I'm taking the steps just still damn lonely.
I think all my friends started noticing too pushing themselves away from me


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  • This seems hard, I'm sorry. You should reach out to her instead of avoiding her.. reach out. It might make u feel better


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  • had this EXACT same situation... not sure i was like "a little girl" but i was definitely emotional... all i did to make myself feel better was just do a bunch of new things find out what i liked and did them... a lot

    • Yeah I think mma training will help me out. School will too.

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  • Start telling yourself that you are DONE feeling like a little girl, and say it with conviction over and over till it sinks in and takes hold.
    Identify the aspects you enjoyed about having a relationship and parts you could do without and learn from it, so you have a better idea of what you are looking for. Then go after it.
    Don't worry about getting out of your comfort zone, that's how we grow.

  • Your on the right path.
    Take the good and bad from your last relationship, get your head back in a good place, and you'll easily find better


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