I'm embarrassed about dwpression.. truthfully it's a turn off right?

I've always been a tough guy I don't talk about my feelings stuff like that. I laugh at the emo guy who dyes his hair and cuts himself and complaines that life is to hard.

I went through a really tramatic time 5 months ago and lost a lot went through a lot of failure. My tactics of just toughing it out would not so anything. I've been giving 100% effort but I just can't snap out of it. Should I just go see a doctor and talk to someone? I know I won't be on meds for the rest of my life but I just want to get back into how I used to feel. The thing is I'm getting into a government job.. I'm kissing this dream career out the door as soon as I go to the doctor and tell him I'm depressed. This is killing me.


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  • You need to see a doctor, at least so they can help. I went to depression too, even had to be hospitalized for it, so for me I can understand it, and it's not a turn off. Personally the depression is neither a turn on or a turn off, it shows who the person truly is behind their usual mask. In a way, it makes you stronger and more attractive to some.


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  • Meditate bro - mindfulness meditation and if you want to give that ago for a few weeks see if it changes anything

    If not go see a doc :)

    Well done on keeping you head up high and not doing anything stupid to yourself๐Ÿ˜Ž


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  • Why would you lose your government job option if you're on medication... is this real or you panicking?


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  • You don't need to go to see a doctor, you can easily solve everything yourself. The moment you start relying on drugs to help you mentally, you've lost. Some people really do need them, but in your case you haven't shown history of mental illness, yes depression is an illness so don't take it personal.

    My 2nd and 3rd year of college everything went to complete fucking shit for me. I've face a lot of trials and hardships in my life since a young age, but this is the point where I broke. You can get your oldself back man, just a lot of hard work, dedication and will power.

    Like the other guy suggested, meditation will help a lot. Another thing that helped me was sitting down and just thinking about my whole life up until this point, and remembering how I lived it. Remember how you felt before all this shit, tell yourself that everything will straighten itself out in time. If you keep dwelling on shit, it will take away from your progress.

    I won't lie it's not easy, you're trying to change your state of mind when it's at the lowest. All seeing a doctor will do is him putting you on medication that at the end kills who you are, it's chemicals fucking with your brain on the molecular level.


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