Will he regret it?

My boyfriend broke up with me to play the field. He said that he feels like I can be the girl that he marries and at 23 that really scares him. He wanted to take a break and had a set date for us to get back together but I saw straight through his crap. Do you think he will regret it?


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  • He split from the Good Ship that he had with you, to venture out and 'Play the field,' and to to test the waters. He is Not Ready nor Raring at this time to be hooked like an anchor in being in a Real Relationship, and in order to keep you around, he wants his cake and Eat it too.
    He is giving you lame duck excuses of keeping you in his back pocket with this so-called 'Break and had to set a date for us to get back together.' I don't know how long he expects you to Keep this marked on your calender but I would tell him To... Not hold his breath, you may have sailed elsewhere and you both would have been like two ships that sailed in the night.
    I see 'Straight through his crap' too here, dear, so better set him straight about The... Date.
    I think he will 'Regret it' if he wakes up some morning and realizes what he lost.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Hopefully. Fuck him off though. He's not worth you if he wants to take a break from you just so he can fuck other girls.
    Maybe use this opportunity to play the field yourself. Hopefully he'll realise his mistake and guilt eats him.

  • No he won't because if he truly wanted to be with you then he wouldn't have broken up.

    He is probably cheating and he wants to be done with that girl after a while and come back to you.

    • there's no way that he could have been cheating

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