Should I be jealous when my partner is mum talks about his ex?

Its doing my head in, she talks about her to me and I don't no how to react so I just smile and nod


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  • You need to find out why she is doing this

    Possible reasons

    a. she thinks information about his past girlfriends are like helps you with your present relationship.

    b. she is manipulative, she is setting up a benchmark for you to surpass, i.e. you better be better than all of them put together

    c. an old fox testing you out, to see if you become jeolous, uncomfortable. This kind is playing mind games. Just laugh at their shallowness.

    In all the above, this woman doesn't respect his son's privacy. The kind who likes to whisper behind people's back. NOT a good sign. Best thing to do is, FEEL the woman. Observe her behaviors. Ask her questions, like "Why are you doing this?" Say things like, "Don't worry. I am the straight forward kind. If I want to know, I would ask." Let her know you don't play her games.

    Trust your gut feelings, regarding both the son and mom.

    • Another certainty. If you move on, you can be sure this woman is going to tell everything she knows about to her son's girlfriend, as a "gift"/"bribe", or for the reasons I mentioned above. Be careful of what information about yourself you give her.

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  • Well what is she saying about her? I think that's pretty rude and shows no sign of respect. Maybe you can talk to your boyfriend about it? I think you have every right to feel guilty because it's kind of like your territory being encroached on, you know? (:

  • I hate this so much. My boyfriends family really love his one ex they think she's so funny, and so great blah blah blah. and We went to see his family before thanksgiving (they live far away) and they were telling me, his new girlfriend that they were going to be inviting his ex to thanksgiving dinner because they love her and she was going to be alone.

    It makes me feel like they'd rather him still be with her, instead of me.

    • Yeh that's the position that I'm in and I dunt no what to do they always talk about how good she is, what am I ment to do

    • I don't think there's anything you can do. Maybe tell your boyfriend it bothers you, and if he feels comfortable he can explain to them it makes you feel bad and see if they'll stop.

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