Give it to my straight.. she leave me for another dude?

Had plans to move out together. Her parents hated me along with her friends they all said I was using her too stupid to see it. Her mom said she would fisown her and cut her free college ridr. She could only sneak around twice a month. She got indifferent and spitful with me the last couple months. I didn't budge I just acted cool and I even asked her if she wants to have a break and offered her ways out. She cried when I brought those things up. She ended up getting more and more distant and just cheked out broke up. Called me next day crying asking for me back. Led to more fights then she left me for good. No contact. I poured my heart out she said I don't care she feels used she think I just like the fact that she keeps coming back. I ran into her 5 months later she was crying mid conversation.
She would nudge me off saying I'll talk to you later all this other chit.


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  • she probably will.

    • Lol u even read it.. it's over. I'm wondering if she left me for another guy

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  • Maybe? Your situation doesn't strike me as someone cheating but rather someone who doesn't know what they want. Unless you see weird texts or pics with other guys, just assume she's growing distant and the relationship is fizzling because of differences.

    • What about her nudging me off that last month.. I'll text u later I'll talk to you later excuses

    • sounds more like she's trying to move on and doesn't want to talk

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  • Just reading,"had plans to move out together". Gut feeling she was ready to settle down. Me and my ex had plans to move out but, in back of my head I wasn't ready and I didn't feel she was right for me even though I loved her and she really was in love with me. Same goes for you move on, get to know urself find different woman make friends don't revolve ur life around her hoping to get back. She left for a reason leave it as that. Relation took its course be a MAN.

    • I get it. Been a little over 5 months now and km just starting to realize it and get on my feet. Definitely hit a depression. Never been depressed like that in my life. But I'm definitely moving on.

  • So her parents felt that you are using her and you wanted to move out or what?


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