guys, ex came back... what should i do need a wise mans opinion... ?

Okay so I've dealt with my ex for years i love him unconditionally. A while back we split up and he got with another girl quicky i was so hurt & he told me he was sorry he loved me blah blah blah. im not the type to hold grudges forever so eventually after a year and a half i was able to forgave him. recently he contacted me saying he "LOVED ME" which was a surprise... i told him i loved him as well he then said he regrets leaving me and made a hug mistake and this part i need you guys to explain.. he said " i hope the next guy your with treats you like a complete queen " he continued the coversation by saying he had been through things i couldnt imagine and he knows he's being punished for what he did to me... He basically told me this girl actually cheated on him. i gave him encouraging words and told him im still here for him and that if i could choose to be with anyone it would be him... im still madly in love with him thats the crazy thing i still haven't dated anyone new i guess its because he's my first love and the whole " I HOPE THE NEXT GUY TREATS YOU LIKE A QUEEN" When I've had phone coversations with him prior to that " I love you message" and he has said if you move on to another guys id mess it up. so its confusing I don't know i need a guys perspective on this :


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  • Sounds like he's doing his best to be a gentleman. He knows he made a horrible mistake and feels deep regret, combined with admiration and love for you. He probably also feels a bit defeatist regarding the prospect of your being able to move forward together as a romantic couple.

    No more texting. :) You should speak face to face and talk this out. Be open and honest. You both sound like decent people. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them and improves. You two have a wonderful chance here to, at the very least, become real friends. Good luck. :)


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  • Personally I think it is a mix of trying to be romantic, and trying to get you to think of him.
    He wants you to reach with a "aawww that so sweet, he wants me to be treated like a queen" and then make you think back about how HE treated you and how he made you feel like a queen...
    Did he succeed? :)

  • Well first good point is that he's aware of what he did. I think you showed him to soon that you're still not over him I'm not saying play hard to get but he might take advantage of your love for him. Usually I'd say if he did it once he can do it again but if he put aside his pride it's worth the try

  • two things..
    maybe he's thinking that he can score a night or two with you and be on his path. .
    he truly loves you but doesn't wanna get together and hurt you again as of what he had brought upon himself due to his behavior


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