Breaking up with a lot of shared stuff.. my puppy and my car?

Hello, please I dont want to see mean comments as everytime I post a question. My fiance and I are breaking up. This is the second time we break up and this one is for sure! I'm not going to be with him again. Anyway, I have a huge problem with him. The first problem is my car! It was stupid of me to put his name with mine in the car tittle. I had to thu because I bought my car when I first came to the US. I didn't have a SSN to mke the purchase. I paid all the money myself. He didn't pay anything. When we broke up he told me that he wants to be an ass with me and he wants to not give me my car! The second problem is our puppy. I love that puppy andd she means everything to me because Im the one who is taking care of her. We got the pup without papers. I paid 700$ and he paid just 200$ for our puppy. Yesterday he said he is taking the puppy because I have no prove that I paid 700$. I really do not know what to do with him. I do not want to go to the court because I dont have any prove for my car either my puppy. Advise please. Thanks


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  • About the puppy all you do is contact someone from animal shelter or some Vet or if you know someone who knows you well have them make a statement in writing that they are aware that you take care of the puppy and he helped to buy the puppy for you as a gift and you really give the puppy unconditional love and you know he wants to take the puppy in spite to you and you know that the puppy would have better care with you.

    • You can also contact a legit online Vet for free Drs Foster & Smith
      these people may be able to help you and they will give you good advice but think of anything negative he says and does about the puppy cause that could go against him he is already tying to take the puppy for spite

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    • I could never take anything from a girl if we were breaking up and it's not in me to use anger or any violent matter cause that's just not right at all.. i am more laid back type guy, i like to be the peacemaker

    • Yeah , don't let him down easy and i wish you well so sad to think a woman has to go through that
      your welcome and hope things get better for you..

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  • I would say the puppy would be yours because you paid the most. You paid for the car so that's yours too. He won't give in though, so you probably will have to go to court or just accept losing them.


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