How did you move on when you still had feelings for a person but they weren't treating you how you should be treated?

Hey everyone I've been with the same person for three years. It's my first real relationship. My longest one before this one was 6 months. Throughout the relationship my partner has done nothing but lie and keep secrets. Facebook has been a cause of a lot of the problems because there is always men in her inbox. Most of them are asking for nude pictures she is very quick to tell the ugly ones I have a boyfriend. But when an attractive person is there she holds a conversation with them wants to get to know more about them. They also ask for pictures but I wouldn't know if she sends them because she deletes messages when attractive people message her. Just recently we swapped phones and we're looking at each other's time line and some guy messages are you still there there were no previous messages because she deleted them. I messages back yes I'm here. She seen that and snatched the phone and tried to say can I help you I have a boyfriend I deleted the boyfriend part and the guy ask for pictures and she said I have a boyfriend. I only believe she did that because I was sitting there. She told me she deleted the messages because he asked for the pictures earlier and she didn't want to talk to him. Could be true but I wouldn't know because those messages are gone. There have been many things like this in the relationship and I'm just tired of it. When I talk to her about these things she says im nagging her and controlling but I just ask her not to do it since she claims we are in a committed relationship. I wouldn't do that to her. She stops for about two weeks if we argue about it then she's back at it. how do you move on. I don't really want to date new people I just want to be done with dating for a while. I don't really feel the respect when it comes to Facebook and her inbox. What are some ways you moved on in your past relationships?


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  • It's always hard moving on from somebody you really loved, even tho you know they're no good for you because you were so attached that it seems impossible to move on knowing that the special person is no longet there and they just forget you like you meant nothing but the most important factor of moving on is time other than that trying focusing on other things. I'm trying to move on as well :(

  • well to be honest there is never really moving on you will always have feelings for that person all you can do is learn to bury them and try to forget them it won't be easy never was for me. Time heals all wounds


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