When will the break up pain end?

I just feel cold and dead inside. It sucks I have to see this person everyday. We where getting along in day to day functions. But got in an argument just because I had a question / need for something to be fixed. I always get told I can't get along with anyone, anytime I have a question I get ignored, told I act like everything is the end of the world. I said I get treated like a piece of crap or some kind of cunt. Others can ask the same thing and setting gets done. Or others don't do something they are suppost to and nothing much gets said. I get a chewing for nothing. After I finally went off about this, I finally got some better treatment. But I just don't understand I try everything to avoid the arguments say OK I'm sorry. I'll do what you say to fix this. I try so hard to get along with others and for the most part it works. But some people try to walk all over me and I'm not going to have someone not pulling their part and treating me like crap. How can someone treat me like shit it hurts me can't they see that. It just makes me cry. I LOVED YOU.
Thank you so much. Now I know what I'm feeling isn't me being a "crazy" girl. She explained a lot of the feelings I've been having.


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  • Girls don't feel this way about breaking up with a guy. They get off on making guys feel this way.


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