Girls, Is my ex into me or not?

I dont really know what to make of all this, but I hope one of you girls can help me.

My ex dumped me a year ago. We really did have a wonderfull relationship. Never any fight, lots of love and affection. She suddenly broke up because her feelings had changed (completely blindsided, she litterally changed her attitude towards me from one day to the next)

Anyways, the past 8 months or so has been without any contact at all. I removed her from all social medias. But I know she still follows my Instagram.

Since I just landed a new job, I announced it on Instagram and on Facebook.
She texted me out of the blue "Hey saw you got a new job (instagram), congratulations!"
We texted back and fourth for a few days, It went very well. She even used a lot of smileys/emoties. (She didn't want to used the right after our breakup because it could "give me the wrong idea")
She also send me a new friend request on Facebook...

We have been texting for about 3 weeks now. Not every day, but just every now and then.
Conversations is always started by her, but it isn't that often anymore. And always ended by me (I stop replying when there is nothing to reply to)
She is overall very possitive, and has asked me to drop by for coffee next time I am in the neighborhood.
Overall I am getting the feeling that she wants to rekindle things? Based on her social profiles, I know she and her rebound guy broke it of 2 weeks before she first made contact with me.

But today I see on social profile that she is going to get a visit from "someone very sweet"... 5 days ago she also "spend the night with a hottie"...
Is she dating? And what the he** did she want with me?
Could she just be talking about one of her girlfriends?
OMG please assist...

I dont want to straight up ask her about her feelings, because I think it will make me come of as needy...
The "spend the night with a sweety" part. Ofcause it is loosly translated from my own language. In my language she could be talking about a guy or a girl. It could mean both, but I never actually heard any girl use words like that about a guy they date. Only when they talk about their girlfriends or a baby. That is why I did not pay much attention to it back then.
Oh, and the "someone very sweet" that she is meeting with tonight: in my language could mean both. It is being i├Žused 50/50 when girls talk about a friend and a date they are meeting up with.


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  • Being a girl myself I think she still has feelings for you, but she's unsure of how you feel. I support you telling her :)

    Do let me know how it turns out :)

    • So... You are thinking that she might wanted to reach out to me because there was still some feelings there. But why would she also start dating someone else at the same time and post about it on FB when she knows I would see it? (If we asume she is really dating. She could also be talking about a girl friend, but chose to write it in a way that could be misunderstood)

    • Because she wants to know how you'd react to it, and that speaks for how you feel about her.

    • Makes sence I guess

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  • girls are really unpredictable. but if she first contacted you and trying to keep in touch, she may still have feelings with you. just clarify it with her to avoid you from misinterpreting her actions.

    • So straight out text her if she still have feelings for me, or just keeps me around as a backup?

    • I guess instead of asking her real feelings, tell her how and what you feel for her. and wait for her to say something about it

  • Wow. I'd be confused also.. I think you need to ask her what's up with this and that. But it does sound as if she is dating, in my opinion. I don't know what the hell she wants with you. This is something you need to ask her also

  • I would just ask her. Get together like she suggested and talk. But only if you are interested in her

  • I think that she is dating! If you want to make a move on her, do it now before the window closes!

  • She misses you, after the breakup she missed you being around, she wants to be your friend and yes she's dating

  • She might still have feelings for you but not sure how you feel about her. Maybe ask her?

    • So... She is unsure, so she starts dating?

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