How should I tell this girl?

I've been dating this girl now for a month , she's very beautiful and hot @ the same time.
But here's the issue.. She's extremely childish in behavior and don't have any manners. I find her dirty and don't want to be with her anymore.
She used to date someone I know and when he ditched her she made his life a little bit hard by telling he was a player and stuff to all the girls he knew.
Im affraid if I say that I dont want to date her no more she's gonna do the same with me.
So if you could give me your opinion on what to do and how that would be nice.

(Type of shit she does that really annoy me : eating with her hands , licking chips before eating , giving no personal space , talking too much , playing with her food , playing with the ice in her drinks with her hands , behave "tough" in public by looking at everybody like she is better than everybody , Her room is just a mess like dirty as fuck. Pfff just too much believe me)


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  • Firstly I'd just like to say, I have a habit of licking chips before eating them. I understand this is odd but it's a habit I can't break, and it's really not harming anybody.

    Anyway, as for the rest and for ending things, it's better to do it sooner rather then later, I understand the fear of repercussions may haunt your thoughts but in the end it's for the best for both of you.

    Explain to her that you feel like after getting to know her, there's not much you have in common that really make you feel that you are right for each other. Say that, while she is a wonderful girl (you need to sugar coat these sort of things, yet don't make it seem half hearted or that there's still hope for her with you) you feel the chemistry has faded and it isn't going to work between you.

    Yes breaking up with people sucks, and being broken up with sucks also. You are just saving time by doing it now. Get it over and done with, but try to with as little pain as you can. Make sure she knows it's the fact you both just don't match, don't blame it all on the poor girl, we all have bad habits.


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  • Just suck it up and break up with her. It has only been a month. By the sounds of it, she will probably be pissed and childish either way. Sorry and good luck.

  • Make out that its you that's too immature to be in a relationship right now. say whatever you gotta say to get away from her

  • What? Really that's terrible

  • How do you find her dirty?


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