He went back to his ex.

I told him that I'm pregnant and he was happy I stayed with him for 1 week then he went back to his ex which is his cousin.. He says he will help me but he don't answer my calls or texts... His bitch is always texting my phone and saying sh*t what do I do?

the only time he calls or anything is when she is not around...an when his drunk he tells me that I can't talk to any guys or go out with my friends it seems like he's trying to control me or something...?


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  • Start looking at legal options available to you (consult a lawyer). He may not want to be with you (and you can't force him to), but he is legally responsible for the coming child.


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  • Did you just say his ex is his cousin?

    He needs to answer his phone this is serious he can't just screw around and run away when there is consquences.


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  • You have every right to be in contact with him because you're caing his child. If you can get him on the phone tell to be grown up about it and that she has nothing to do with the situation. He sounds like he's very young minded.

    • He is 28 years old...he just makes me so mad

    • Some guys are just to juvenile to deal with serious things like that. Be patient and if you have to take him to court.

    • He has two other girl.s and with mine it will 3 babys... and he still don't know what he wants in his live...

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