He cheated on me.

so I have been dating this guy for 5 months now. we're madly in love with each other. we have talked about our future, not seriously but we have... and I don't know, I did not expect this from him.

so I got a letter from a friend last night, when I was with him, telling me that one night at the bar, him and someone he use to fool around with(this chick always hits on him and I use to not be worried about it), well one night they were at the bar and they went out into the care and she blew him. and the cops came. well I read it to him, not truly beleiving it, but he got up, shut the door and sat next to me, and I knew that it was true. well we discussed it, I was really upset at first, but more shocked than anything. I wasn't really crying after a bit, I just kept on staring out into space, and he was in tears bad. well I told him to tell me everything, and I really thought he did. I remember this night too, I was out of town for one night. and when I got back into town he was being all lovey dovey and just acting weird, more clingy then usual. he just told me, he relized how much he didn't want to lose me.

well I wasn't extremely upset, more disappointed and blah. we have had the conversation, if either one of us cheats then just come clean, it's the best thing to do, we had this convo twice, before he did it and after, and he still didn't tell me. he said he didn't want to see me hurt.

well I find out today, that he didn't tell me everything. he actually went back to her house AFTER she blew him, and she blew him again. NOW I'm REALLY upset! he didn't tell me yesterday, and his excuse it, it's hard. WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK! so I'm going to end up seeing him before work today, and I honestly don't know what to do. I don't want to brake up with him. BUT HE DIDN'T COME CLEAN! he just lost my trust, he didn't fully lose it last night, but it just got worse.

i don't know what to do or say. please help. I really do love this guy and I know he loves me and he messed up badly. I could see it in his tears last night. but he just found out I found out he went to her house, so we havnt yet talked about all this yet.


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  • this is a difficult situation. but I think that its good that your boyfriend admited that he cheated and didn't lie to you. because most guys tend to lie and make it whole lot worse. on your place, if I really did love him, I would give him another chance. every person deserves second chance.. however you should talk to him and warn him that if this happens once more, he will lose you for good. and he better make it up to you and you should say that if he really wants you back and have his trust again he has to do everything to make everything work between you. good luck.


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  • you guys have been dating five months, and he cheated on you. I don't think that he loves you. he might not even know what that feels like. He might just really really like you.

    If he didn't tell you the truth and went back to her, he doesn't deserve your trust.

    If I were you I aould break up with him. I know its going to be hard for you, but you don't need to be with someone who did that to you.

    you can find someone better

  • Well, what is the point of being with someone you cannot trust? His dishonesty will only eat you up more as you prolong the relationship.

  • lol at the "blew" thing...leave if you can't then take it,if it is just a blow thing then practing blowing too and have blowing compition with this girl hehheeh..but seriously he probably is retarded,confused and ignorant jerk!


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