The push-pull factor. Best way to handle it?

So right now im in the middle of the push-pull break up. I was the one that got broken up with. There were a lot of things that happened, and mistakes from both parties that caused a lot of drama.
We hung out about a week after breaking up, had a good day and slept together. The next day we were talking and brought up relationship and she didn't want to commit. The next day i was hitting her up and she got scared again. After that i pulled away and just was like whatever, trying to take my space, and she started to call me and text me wanting to see me. We had a good time. It was a great night... was back around the family and everything. I went to kiss her and she pulled away... then i dropped thr question if she was seeing anyone else and she got mad saying it wasn't my business. I said it was because i still had feelings and I just didn't want to get hurt. She said that she was starting to think about getting back together... but i keep pushing it to hard.
I know not to ask anymore. Just kinda take my space and let her come around. Its fucken annoying. We always have a good time together, and obviously she still has feelings but she just won't reconsider yet.

Whats the best thing to do? Walk and dont look back? Keep going around and just not bring it up and be happy (which i am, i dont act all miserable) and just go with the conversation?

The push-pull factor. Best way to handle it?
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