Ex girlfriend broke up with me. Unfriended on facebook me and this?

My girlfriend (33 yrsold ) and I (29 years old) were best friends for 2 years, dated for 6 months. However I screwed up losing her trust over my mistake. We hanged in a massive social group. and have quite a history together.

She blocked my number because of me exploding her phone with calls and texts and unfriended me from facebook 4 months after break up. I sent her a private message by facebook messenger telling her i noticed she unfriended me after this all time.

She told me 'its nothing personal against me.. just wanted personal space from me but does not have a problem talking to me.

Noted that she might be ok to meet up next month after asking to see her again. She claimed she needed her life sorted out first (with work, study and family that lives interstate). So needed to see how next months goes.

Her messages were very fomal, if not neutral.

Need your advice. can girls interpret what she may be possible thinking? Ill update with more details if needed.



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  • She's past you


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