How to get over two guys?

In middle school I had this huge crush on this guy that I became really good friends with. In high school, we went our separate ways and I met another guy that I really really had a crush on and slightly feel in love with who liked me back for a little while... then it was over. Now that I'm picking up the pieces from my high school crush, I realized I was never really over the guy I liked in middle school... and now I'm confused and I'm not sure how to get over both at the same time. It's hard getting over one guy, but how do you deal with getting over two? If you would to ask me about the bad things about the guy I liked in middle school, I can only say that he hasn't responded to my texts/chats since the beginning of December when we sent each other poems to celebrate our birthday since we share a birthday day and we both love poetry. PLEASE HELP ME...


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  • Just do the things you love and keep staying active to distract yourself from thinking about them as much as possible. Hang out with friends.


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  • I think you never liked them. This is why you changed your idea this much. Real liking does not work this way.
    You have lots of free time maybe; you are thinking too much. Just let it go.


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