Break up or Hang on?

I started dating this ex-colleague of mine after 7 months of getting to know him. At first, everything was fine. We talked a lot and saw each other on a weekly basis. During the first week of our relationship, he kept on mentioning how he hoped to get married to me. I freaked out at first cause I felt it was too early to be talking about such things and I did tell him that I don't intend to get married so soon as I have just entered the working force. He didn't bring it up too often after that.

It has been 3 months since we started dating exclusively and I feel so tired of the relationship. I told him in the beginning that I hated clingy guys and he admitted that he was one and that he would try to change. He did change and give me space when I asked for it every now and then. But there are times when the questions he asks (about who I am spending my time with and all) gets on my nerves. At first I patiently answered him as I knew it was a side of his personality. But recently, I have been feeling so irritated and annoyed with his questions and random talks of marriage.

With my recent change in career and crisis in my family, it has been getting harder for me to just pretend that there is nothing wrong and just continue with the relationship as normal. I have been thinking of calling it off. But I have friends who told me to just give him a chance and talk about this issue with him.

However, I have been feeling so tired and stressed out that I don't feel like continuing with the relationship. Truthfully I feel that whatever feelings I have for him has fizzled out and died away. I want to tell him the truth and break it off but I am afraid of what our mutual friends would say as they would not understand how my feelings could just fade off that way when he is a good guy.


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  • You're the one in the relationship, and you want out. So get out. This happens ALL THE TIME. Even if he is a good guy, he's not the guy for you. If your mutual friends don't understand this they are idiots.

  • Move on. He;s too clingy... What is he going to be like if you do marry him?


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