Why does my ex feel happier without me?

I was with my girlfriend for a year and we broke up about a month ago. It was mutual and down to us both arguing and falling out a lot.

Anyway, about two weeks after the break up I did the thing that I never thought I'd do and beg her to get back with me. She replied saying she was happier without me and felt like herself again and there is no way she'd get back with me. I have no idea what I was doing to not make her feel like herself and when I asked she said it was a personality clash.

I honestly believed this girl was the love of my life and we were getting serious about moving in, marriage etc. But to hear that she's happier now whilst I'm still an absolute wreck just makes me feel worse.

Should I be happy that she's moving on with her life or am I bad person for wanting her to be as miserable as I'm feeling? How is she finding this such a breeze whilst I'm constantly anxious and absolutely hating life?


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  • It's only natural to feel the way you do. You loved this girl and she made you feel really happy. It sucks that she's feeling that way. Who knows, maybe she'll be the one to realise she needs you in a month or two. You're allowed to feel hurt and cry, but don't let yourself get stuck in that cycle. If you want to test how she really feels, try being outgoing and hang out with some girls. If she sees you happy and not giving a shit, she might start to wonder if she's made a mistake.


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  • It's normal for you wanting her to be as miserable as you are. You did share a relationship so seeing her moving on and you're a wreck it's not fair. She was supposed to be the one but life had different plans. To answer your question she might feel happier because she felt that the relationship was to much for her and now that it's overbshe feels lighter


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  • She feels better because it was the right thing to do. People try and change themselves to make the relationship fit, like cutting off bits of a shape to get it to fit into a hole.

    It's hard when you can't move on and it will take time, you just have to try and keep busy and stay positive. Remember why you split up. Remember it was mutual. There were valid reasons and they still stand.


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