Guys, Twice saying from a guy to reconsider the relationship?

I have been with him for 2 years and he has mention twice in a year saying to reconsider ourselves and to reconsider this relationship.
what does it mean?


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  • Sounds like he has some doubts, or thinks that you do. In general, it's a warning sign that something's *possibly* off. What I can't guess.

    • During the argument he ask me to leave if I can't answer him the one word which he mention about that both of us are lacking in. "Trust", just a elevator direction & leads us to breaking up and he saying reconsider, 2nd time again

    • Well, if it's during an argument, it could be just him being angry and spouting. But I'd sit him down sometime soon (when you're not fighting) and ask him about it. Get his view of how things are going. He almost certainly has a different view than you do. This is how little things become big things. Nip it now before it comes back to bite you later.

  • reconsider might mean either in a good... or in a bad way...
    but i'm afraid in this case it's bad since u r still in a relationship right?

    • Yes we are still in a relationship but there are frequent arguments and I'm always the one who keeps calling his mobile. He hardly initiate any calls throughout the day

    • so i'm afraid break-up will come soon judgin from this

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