Should I apologise to my ex boyfriend?

My ex and I have been broken up since January, but he's since messed with my head a few times asking me back and disappearing.

A month ago he told me he'd met someone else, I got pretty angry causing him to delete/block me from everything but whatsapp.

After a break, I decided to join POF again this week and noticed Friday evening he'd been looking at my profile, for reasons I'm unsure of.

Unfortunately, after a few too many last night I text him a load of abuse telling him to stop looking at my profile and that he's a pr*ck... I have too much of a good heart and the fact I lashed out drunk is bothering me.

Do I apologise for my stupidity? Or pretend it never happened?


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  • Just move on with your life, if you've decided to let him go and you don't wish to be in contact with him then don't bother apologizing, what's done is done and at the end of the day you probably were the most honest.


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