Move to SC or NC?

Considering moving to SC or NC from NY in the relatively near future. What are some of the ups and downs of both states? Such as climate, people, jobs, etc. Which would you move to and why? Where? (city)
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Updates:'re a f***ing idiot. How do I have "48 other" states to choose from? SC=1, NC=2, I'm already IN NY..that's 3...that makes "47 other"...moron. Maybe I didn't mention the REASON why I chose those 2 states. Answer the question, or STFU!
I'm looking more so for social interaction/meeting people and for good/better jobs. I take it NC would be the better choice then?


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  • I lived in NC and visited SC. The people down there are extremely friendly, laid back and polite. It's not that expensive to live in either state. I

    In fact, it's cheaper than up east. NC has a good job market whereas SC doesn't. The weather is pretty warm in both states. The summers are very hot and muggy. The winters tend to be mild but if it snows beware! They don't have plows and salt trucks prepped.

    If I had to select one, I'd move to NC in a heartbeat. Some great places are Raleigh, Carey, Fayetteville, Asheville and Chapel Hill (my fav).


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  • I have family in south carolina (darlington/gresham area). I don't go there but a few times a year so I can't really tell you too much about it sorry. I do know that housing is a lot cheaper in the south than it is up north especially in NY from what I've heard. the people are really friendly. the weather is really humid and muggy


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  • What made you pick those two states if you know nothing about them?

    You have to visit them yourself & see what you like best.

    There are 48 other states to think about.

    • Who said I didn't know anything about them? I asked for a comparative view and why. There are 47 other states to think about, not 48.

    • You don't know too much about them!

      Your asking people where they people where they prefer to live "Which would you move to and why? Where?" What one person likes you may not.

      There are 50 states where you live is 1 +47 = 48 less North & South Carolina

  • Ive never lived in either but I would prefer South Carolina because obviously the more south you go the warmer it will be. I have visited both though and like both.


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