My engaged ex keeps blocking and unblocking me on FB. Is he not over me?

We got together about 5 years ago, we broke up 3 years ago and we haven't spoken at all since then. Fairly recently, someone wrote on my ask. fm "do you know your ex is engaged?" I acted like I didn't know and he blocked me like the day after. He's recently unblocked me but I bet he'll block me again. There's no need for him to block me regularly, I haven't done anything or even spoke to him. I think it's odd behaviour and I think I must be on his mind if he does it so much. He cheated on me so I think he might be regretting losing me. His fiance isn't the prettiest tbf.

So why would an ex who's now engaged, want to tell an old ex about it and then keep blocking and unblocking her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are on his mind... otherwise why care to block you... but he is your past... let it be.. stop thinking about him...

    • I am over him, I was years ago, I just thought his behaviour was weird and I wanted confirmation that you guys thought the same.

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  • If he's your ex why worry about him, i think you can't let go of him but I could be wrong

    • You're very wrong. I'm not worried about him, it's just strange and I wanted people's views on his behaviour.

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  • I'm not sure why but my ex boyfriend does the same thing despite the fact that we haven't talked in a long time


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