What are the signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Just was wondering do people ever drop the signs before cheating on their partners?


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  • Always has his phone. Takes it in the bathroom when he showers. Sleeps with it under his pillow. Religiously.

    Cancels on you at the last minute.
    Doesn't make an effort.

    Gets distant one minute and full on the next.
    One day loves you the next isn't sure what he wants.
    Gernerally runs hot and cold in almost predictable waves.

    BUT there could be all number of reasons for any of these things.
    Just my experience.
    I only experienced lack of want for sex a few times in a very short time.

    But I suspect the cheating went on for months.


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  • Honesty and a lack of communication

    Spending too much time with other friends instead of you.

    Especially coming up with excuse not to have sex with you.


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  • He's often with this other girl friend.
    He shrugs it off when you bring it up in a conversation
    He doesn't tell you right away where he's going to