I'm already fucked?

I've been giving my ex space. We broke up a month ago and I haven't contacted him in about 19 days. Long story short his best friend first accused me of making up a fake online profile to with my ex tagged along with that idea with the notion thaat i wanted to see what he is "doing". Now he is accusing me of having my friends prank him by phone. It's time to move on but it would be a lie to say I don't care because I do and the idea of him thinking I'm a liar of worse a stalker freaks me out. Where do I go from here?
How do I clear my name? Normally I wouldn't say a thing but he did care about him.


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  • Your ex is very immature if he behaves like this. And he seems bitter, perhaps he did not take the break up well? Badmouthing will get back at him though, it is never a good idea. Who cares what they say, you know it is not true. Focus on yourself.

    • I understand how you feel, I have been in a similar situation. After we broke up, my exbf (that I loved deeply) discredited me in front of his friends and family. The reason was that he cheated and left for someone else. He lied about it and hid his new relationship for a while, but I found out. Discrediting me was probably a way to control me, prevent me from sharing the truth, to make it look like the break up was my fault, and ultimately to convince himself that he did not do anything wrong. Sick, huh? But human. And I was so hurt at first... I thought over and over of ways to clear my name. But I never did anything. I never spoke with the people he discredited me with, they only got his version. But frankly: who cares? I realized it did not matter. I knew the relationship was over. It was more an ego issue from my part. I know I did not do anything wrong.
      You and your friends did not do anything wrong, you do not have to worry about it. The truth will come out. Give time.

    • Also, DO NOT contact him. No calls, no texts, no checking his FB (actually you should delete him or better block him on all social media!). He is accusing you of checking on him? Show him that you do not care at all.

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  • A lot of time after a break of the person you was with or their friends make up thing to slander you or put you negative light. I wouldn't worry about what they say as they are yesterdays new to you. You know what you did and so does your friends and family so why worry about the few that don't like you.


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