Why does my ex look so bad?

We have been apart since Jan. of this yr and i am kinda concerned for him, he is afterall the father of my child. Him and i exchange our son weekly and today when I seen him he looked like death warmed over. His hair was greased and slicked down and his complexion was awful. I feel bad for him although he did leave me. He hurt me in every way imaginable and then did the ultimate thing and married the new person a little over a month ago. I personally dont think things are going too well because my 4 yr old comes back and copies what they say. I feel bad about sending my son over there because today when I picked him up his dad had him in pants for an 18month old.

My ex ended things with me and tried to reconcile back in Aug of last yr. I would not move in with him and in Jan. of this yr is when he cut me off. Each time he would see me when we meet he stares at me in hate and disgust and never even greats me. Do men just stop taking care of themselves or something


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  • He hates you because things ended and is in a fuck the world mode

    • see here's what i dont comprehend, HE ended things. At one point I would have taken him back but now I am certain this will never happen. I realize how much I settled for less. Do I still care about him, of course but when I begged him to get back together he ignored me,

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  • He left u and u fell bad for him? I feel bad for u, just for u saying u feel bad about him. He got what he wanted


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