Trying to end being strung along, now she is quiet?

This has been going on way too long. Hot and cold. Great times followed by the worst times.

Her ex keeps her around as a fuck buddy. When he has a long dry spell, he hits her up and she gives in. In the past I knew when it was happening. A year ago I told her I wouldn't put up with it again. Ever since she has been hiding him. If she gets talking about something she did with him, I push to ask whom she was with and she will say "friends" or some BS. But I know better.

I never waited for her. When she was with him I saw other women. I don't hide them either. She is always trying to get me to break up with them and to "be patient, I am doing what I must to be a better woman for you.".

We are in the part of the cycle where he is showing less interest again and she is looking to me to make up for it. So we have been spending a lot of time together again, but I know it won't last.

After a great night with her I came home and thought about all the stuff on my mind. I emailed her a note that was mostly positive, but ended it with a "I am not happy with where this is at. If this is all it ever will be, I need to go. I desreve better."

It has been a week and she has not relied or contacted me. Is this her answer?
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  • The writing on the walll and all is showing me that it Most likely will be nothing but a Full circle problem pattern here, dear. She will never get the ghost of yesterday and even Today out of her life completely, and always Conveniently uses you in her back pocket as someone real Convenient when she needs someone to pick up the shattered pieces when the chips are down with this clown.
    It's good that you realized that you didn't want to jump through anymore circus hoops with her but from what I see, with 'After a great night' with No fight and things trying to resume Nicely and Normally for maybe another chance for romance, you pulled the rug out from under her and Two things I See... She has either stayed away with this hissy fit because she feels Insulted or she is thinking about just ending it but doesn't have the will power to just break it off altogether because she has love for you.
    You probably were letting the skeleton in her closet rattle your bones a bit and jumped the gun and now it has led to This. If you really meant to stick to your guns, then don't go back, don't look back and don't reply to her if she does send you a message. It will only stir up old ashes and then it will begin again your up and down Beguine and Nothing will ever get Done Or... Be done with the circus act once and for all.. This is no ball for you.
    Good luck. xx


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  • she's saying goodbye.


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