Did I act calm and collected around my ex?

She left for reasons j can definitely understand. Her family drove us apart. I could tell she was really torn when we broke up. I saw her 5 months later and I told her I do miss her. Made her laugh a little told her things going on in my life. Then ran into her a second time and she started crying mid conversation I told her everything's fine and stop. after making her laugh a little more. Then third time was really awkward.. at the end of the conversation I told her 'idk what to do with you' as like a goodbye gesture she said just walk way. Since I haven't asked any questions about the relationship or getting back together does that tell her I've moved on and confident again?
Feel like j definitely acted beta.


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  • actually seems like she wanted to be wid u, but it was her family's fault u broke up... when she said "just walk away" i believe she said this, coz she believes there's nothing gonna happenbetween u and her

    • What? Lol that's kind of contridicting you said she said that because she belive nothing is going to happen between us but u said she wants to be with me?

    • look, i mean she believes nothing's gonna happen between u and her thanks to her FAMILY... but actually she WANTS to be wid u!

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