Should I move on?

My boyfriend of 3.3 years says he's not ready to get married, because he cannot afford it. A little background about my relationship: A year into the relationship he suggested I quit my job and return to school. It was a hard decision but I quit my job of 6 years and enrolled in school. I'm living under my parents roof, and he is paying for everything. (school, car insurance, cell phone etc) He also still lives with his parents. So, at first the plan seemed great! Finish school so we would both have good jobs, and be able to live a comfortable life. Well I've now been in school for a year and a half and it seems harder than originally expected. I'm majoring in nursing, and these days who isn't. That makes it hard to get into the program with ease. I'm looking at a few years to be done and an extra year to start working. So that's about 4 years and that's if I get into the program soon. I understand where he is coming from, but he makes decent money... but he says not good enough. He says he will not rent, and will only move out when he can buy a house. He told me he wants to continue to live the life he is living now. Nice cars, cars and anything to do with cars. I am not a materialistic girl and just want to be with him, cater to him, and grow with him. My past relationship was 8 years long and I lived with him for 7 of those years.. So I know what the "marriage" life is like. I am ready. He is not. Should I stick it out and wait for things to be "perfect" as he wants them (which I think is dumb, because life is not perfect) or should I move on?

NOTE: I want to start a family before I turn 30.. he says he can't promise that will happen. So basically he has told me that if I can't wait maybe we should go our separate ways.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well what kind of wedding do you want?

    Would you prefer a wedding or a house of your own?

    Is marrying going to change anything for good?

    I know you are the one asking the question, so you don't have to answer, but just think about it.


What Girls Said 1

  • well, ask him how long will it be till he is ready. and if ur willing to wait that long, stay with him. he is paying for you school and everything so he does take care of you.


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