Guys, Does he still love her? Does he want to get back with her soon or in the future? *READ DETAILS*?

They dated for 6 months, they were DEEPLY inlove, he cheated on her while he was out of state for school he was very emotional when he confessed, the girl forgave him and stayed calm and forging through the whole convo, then he decided that they breakup, he felt she deserved better, so now it's been 4 month ssince the split,2 months post breakup they discussed their relationship he wasn't sure if he wants to continue it or not but he did say if they get back together he wants the relationship to be serious, he still views ALL her snaps, they still talk on the phone and text, the convos are funny and great (not addressing the relationship)

*walks UP to her little brother at a festival greeting him and asking for her
*when they text he asked "you miss me"
*Views ALL her snaps
*calls her by nicknames/playfully jokes at her
*2 months post split he complimented her "you look beautiful"


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  • He obviously has "lust" towards her. Don't confuse lust and love. Of course he wants to continue the relationship to bring back old feelings. But he didn't take her into consideration when he cheated. He knew every second of it was wrong for the relationship but he had lust get the best of him. He desires lust not love

  • seems like he regreted it when she turned her down once she forgave him, and now he wants to get back to her i believe


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